In August we launch our own online group fitness programs with three great trainers.


Tanya our Director of FUN will be running full body work outs. Master Trainer Kishore will lead Yoga and Internationally acclaimed Latin Dancer Dimitry will be supporting us to dance like no one is watching.


Starting Monday 3rd August at 7.00pm and running every weekday evening until the end of August.


Each session is priced at 200HKD and can be purchased at however, I would like to offer you a huge discount if you promise to bring a friend along.


As it is always better to work out with friends I’m offering you 50% off a pack of 8 classes.

That’s 800HKD instead of 1600HKD

Once you have booked and received your class pass code, share with FRIENDS and have FUN together.

That said there is nothing stopping you having an epic workout throughout August and keeping the sessions to yourself!

Full schedule:

Monday at 7.00pm HKT – Full Body Work Out with Tanya.

Tuesday at 7.00pm HKT – Yoga with Kishore

Wednesday at 7.00pm HKT – Full Body Work Out with Tanya.

Thursday at 7.00pm HKT – Yoga with Kishore

Friday at 8.00pm HKT – Dance with Dimitri

Class size limited to 8 people. is a health coaching company working with private clients, schools and organisations to develop habits for lasting health. We provide, group coaching, private coaching, workshops and bespoke plans to create a healthy lasting culture.

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