On those days when simply getting out of bed is hard, what can be done to salvage the day?

Manage your thoughts:

  • Accept life happens some times, this won’t be the last time and sure isn’t the first.
  • Forgive yourself, you may not be able to meet your impeccable high standards.
  • Be okay with okay, something maybe better than nothing.

Manage your feelings:

  • Take a breath.
  • Be curious about what you are feeling.
  • Be clear you are feeling not being. (Feeling upset not being upset – one is a passing emotion the other a state)

Manage your actions:

  • Take the first step – allow yourself to stop afterwards if you wish
  • Do something different – what is the opposite emotion? What actions would you take for that (sad -> happy. Happy actions would be to move, smile, listen to upbeat music).
  • Great starts with good, good starts with okay, okay may start with ugly… Start one ugly action to get moving.

Don’t accept things must stay as they are.

Daily Question: What ugly (healthy) action(s) help you get going?

Ready to move forward?

Chat to us and figure out what your ugly action could be.

Healthy Actions Here
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