Well-being – Preview

Welcome to my well-being month.

To begin with, I’ll take this as a chance to share habits, tools and routines.

Alongside developing knowledge, understanding and perhaps challenging existing beliefs in a safe environment.

It’s not my intention to tell you what well-being is, that’s personal to you.

You may not even know what well-being means to you and that’s okay.

Let me support you in an exploration of you and your environment and perhaps one month from now ‘we’ may be in a better place, maybe.

Let’s start at the beginning….What is it you want? 

Generally, we associate with 2 or 3 of the following,  read on and simply acknowledge the ones that resonate with you?

Remember, be honest, we can not change anything in our lives if we fool ourselves.


You want control,  you are happy when things are predictable and there are no surprises.

This can be through wanting to control everything that’s going on around you or through dwelling on and associating with an event in your past that frames you.


You want every day to be exciting, new and surprising ‘Variety is the spice of your life.’


You want people to know you, you want to be seen as special, unique, Important or needed.

You can achieve this through positive steps, though a show of power, by tearing others down, dominating others or simply through dress.


You want to nurture or be nurtured, you want connection with others.


You want to progress, you want to work towards something, you want to achieve and you gain satisfaction in the journey.


You gain satisfaction through working outside yourself, and doing things for others or the greater good.

As for well-being, we can only address areas that are in our control.

Thus, certainty and uncertainty rely on too many factors that we do not have control over.

Significance may be a motivator but to what extent? Is it used positively?

Is it something to aspire to?Or is it simply a potential side effect of connection, growth and contribution?

This month we focus on connection, growth and contribution.

Through these,  we experience satisfaction (note I do not use happiness….

I’ll explain more throughout the month) and satisfaction is a positive start to well being.

That’s enough for now, let’s start our exploration with our first challenge

Day 1 Challenge – Jar of Awesome

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in life and dwell on everything that isn’t going as you want it to, for whatever reason that may be.

Now we are not ignoring the negative aspects of our life.

We will address them but to be aware of the good that is going on our lives is of even greater importance.

Hence, positive and negative are not opposite ends of our well being scale we can be positive in certain aspects and negative in others.

Therefore, we do not need to dwell purely on the negatives.

Today’s first challenge is to help look at this.

  1. Get an old Jam jar, glass, mug or box
  2. Write down 1-3 things that happened yesterday that brought a smile to your face….or at least took you out of your unhappy place for a brief moment.
  3. Pop your comments into the jar
  4. Repeat this each day writing down 1-3 things that brought you satisfaction
  5. It must be a positive event, not “I didn’t get hit by a bus”.
  6. That’s it – go grab your jar.
We will come back to our jar at the end of April – until then I hope you can join me each day as I share a new challenge and a little bit of positivity.

Have a great day!



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