Rugby Player to Iron Athlete… its getting close.

Olivia “Coady” is soon to take on her most difficult challenge to date.

A Former International and two time League and Grand Championship winning rugby player Olivia understands what hard work and dedication are, but this challenge is pushing her boundaries.

On Sunday 1st October Coady will swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42.2 as she competes in the Taiwan Iron Race, this is her story…

A fierce competitor on the rugby pitch.

3rd September

What a week mentally and Physically

At the start of the week I had zero motivation and as the week went it just got better and better.  

Talking about my goals with you was helpful- it got me back on track.

Then, getting back into routine and busier day meant I didn’t dwell on the training so much.

The weekend was mentally and physically a real boost.

There really isn’t anything enjoyable about getting up at 2:30 am to get your training in.

On top of that, I was so motivated from the week it was easy to get up.

The night before I actually felt myself get too excited about everything and  could see how people go into a bit of a panic attack about things.

Getting that fitness result…

The bike ride was good- Got chased by a dog- that was probably a highlight and low light.  

Consequently, the run was good, my friends tagged team in which made the time go so much quicker.

Food wise- I know what gels and bars to eat and feel like my hydration is pretty on point.

On the bike, I learned that I didn’t like all my food taped along the frame as I kept hitting it as I went.

Taking all things in considerations, I will explore other options.

As well as on the run, I ran with the race belt- I need to make it tighter and  for that, it gets a little annoying.

I put Vaseline on my high blister areas and that made a good difference.

Then, I also wanted to see if I could keep up the pace post two hours so I push myself a little and showed that i could.


The count down is on
It’s real!
Support crew in action.

18th August

So last week I had a good week.

I did enjoyed well tolerated/time went quicker on the five-hour ride because I was in a comfortable position.

My watch died but did about 130 km, so am on track to hit comfortably under 7 which I will be content with. 

Then, I felt I could go for longer too which I haven’t felt yet on the bike because of the neck pain.

Fitness wise I now feel I can do swim and bike comfortably and the first 15 km of the run I reckon.

The last half of the marathon at this stage I think will be very very tough, so I just have to keep chipping away and delay that as much as I can.

The struggles…

In the half, I did the last 10 k was tough.

If I can get that feeling down to 10 k for the full that will be good.

My butt and calves really feel it.

I’m not talking about breathing hard it’s more like my muscles aren’t used to that yet.

This week has been frustrating due to being sick but I am doing what I can. I try and look at it at a mental break.

I guess it would just be nice to be able to go out and do things rather than be in bed.

But sickness happens and it was bound to hit me once like this since I started this.

Training days..

Hopefully back into things in the next 1-3 days.  

If I look at big picture and say i completed 90 percent of training, 10 percent was through either sickness or lack of motivation or laziness.

When you look at it like that its pretty good.

I’ve become less scared about the challenge as it becomes more and more realistic and I not that scared about the day- I’m more scared/anxious about training than race day.

For this reason, I know that on the race day its the end.

There will be tonnes of motivation around me and every step, stroke, spin I do I am closer to achieving my goal.

I am looking forward to another change in a week when I head back to Hong Kong.

It will be important to get out in that heat and get the nutrition and fluids right.

For my next run, I need to find some music.

I haven’t ran with any music yet time to change it up a little.

6th August 2017

Honestly, I don’t know if this one is post worthy a few errors and nothing too exciting!

Half Ironman

Swim: 1.9 km- 38.18 – best time so far- surprised as felt pretty good and didn’t go all out.

Bike- 3.24.42 – That morning I got a flat tire so had to change it under a time constraint so it was good practice.

But, when I got bike I obviously hadn’t put it on right- I learned from the mistake, a valuable one indeed as the bike shop showed me how to fix it.

Overcoming physical struggles…

As the head wind was awful, definitely has a mental affect.

My neck got pretty painful again.

I don’t know if its getting used to the position or if something more going on.

But, the position does allow me to go faster i can definitely feel that and am getting a few sub 10 minute per 5 km..

My knees were also less achy in particular they didn’t hurt in the run.

I have got another check up this week at the bike shop and will evaluate options there.

I want to enjoy the race and if I’m in pain for a good chuck of the time then I might just not use the aerobar.

Also, it is amazing the difference in my left and right leg. My right leg doesn’t even feel its working and the l ft leg does.

But the position does allow me to go faster i can definitely feel that and am getting a few sub 10 minute per 5 km..

Run: 2.20.31 First 10 k was good- not rushing just steady pace, last 10k my body felt it, my butt muscles ouch. Unlike the Olympic distance triathlon I finished very fresh and my body felt fine.

This was a taste of what I am going to have to push through on the day. When its mentally and physically tough I tell myself people in war go through way worse than this.

Nutrition- happy with it- never felt hungry or lacking energy. Yummy lollies 😊

Recovery- Hard to eat straight afterwards but knew I had to and knew I would need a lot of water. Joints were pretty achy that night.

I had the choice of fish and chips with mum and dad or mum said she would pick me up Mcdonald but i said no because recovery meal is so important I went down and got myself a chicken and made chicken salad rolls with a chocolate milk and fruit salad and ice cream. Far more nutritious and delicious.

Joints were pretty achy that night. I had the choice of fish and chips with mum and dad or mum said she would pick me up Mcdonalds- but i said no because recovery meal is so important I went down and got myself a chicken and made chicken salad rolls with a chocolate milk and fruit salad and ice cream. Far more nutritious and delicious.

Keeping that motivation alive…

I had my first day where I didn’t train because mentally i couldn’t be arsed. If one out of my 8 weeks at home then that’s a pretty good record. I was also happy with my readjustments the week before understanding when to change your training by listening to your body- not always easy to do.

Ive continued reading and watching Ironman related content- it helps keep me motivated. I really like what Jo Friel said its dont do it because everybody else is doing it, that doesnt make it right- a good life lesson reminder too.  I keep this in mind when thinking about the bike- i dont have to use aerobars.

I need to do more rehab- its the easiest training and i got a bit slack. (youre on holiday Olivia!)

That’s all for now.

10th July 2017

First Week Back in NZ

Holy moley it is cold.  I had been hanging out for colder weather but with its advantages also came its disadvantages. It is so cold on the bike, I have managed to keep most of my body warm but my feet now.  Am in search of some really good socks. The wind hurts your ears and lungs on the bike and the run.

I’ve told myself there have been no excuses to miss training and so far that has gone well. I also put my training program up on the fridge to keep me accountable and it is also rewarding ticking it off as you go.

 Every second day I have committed to almost an hours rehab/mobility.  I do find it boring but it is important for me to make sure I keep my body in best shape as possible.

Enjoying Triathlon

To begin with, I really enjoyed doing the Olympic distance triathlon. I was so excited and motivated for it.

In addition, I find it interesting because when I had a 30 minute light session I had little motivation to get out and do it.

For instance, I did some research on food to start to get a more accurate idea of what I should be trying to eat.  

It was really hard taking on fluid because it was too cold so you body doesn’t crave it as much.

I enjoyed the entire experience and was happy with my times and my energy at the end of it. I swam 31.50 for 1500 m.

I did 50 km bike in 1.57 and a 10 km run in 57 minutes.

The run included a toilet stop- not on the side of the street or in my pants though!

I didn’t push it on the bike or run which makes me feel confident that I can go so much further.

Those crash….

I came across a bike accident on my route and the guy did not look in good shape and he died the next day from his injuries.

It was a good reminder along with my two crashes that you are really vulnerable on the bike and be cautious, go a little bit slower, use the breaks more if that what makes me feel safer.

Mentally I have ups and downs as per usual they don’t go away. I am not looking forward to a four hour bike ride in the cold.

So, I asked my friend to do part of it with me.

On top of that, I do enjoy the fact that I get to sleep in as it is too dark or too busy or too cold to train so i am never really tired.

Sometimes i think about training too much when I need to not be thinking about it because I just get too worked up.

Also I got a second opinion on my wrist and I do need surgery. I have to get a second MRI too.

This surgeon was much better and thorough.

I wont be getting it done before the ironman.

Therefore, I just have to think about when to get it done.

I am optimistic and I know that I will finish the Ironman if there are no external factors like an unfortunate crash etc.

So, I am hesitant to book straight after the Ironman just in case I need to do another Ironman!

I think thats all for now!


2nd July 2017

Hey so Im back in nz now!

My past week my left knee has been playing up a little and my legs were wrecked friday so i only swam and no run. Then Satuday I was very hungover so only did 1.40 ride. Then arrived home on sunday and didnt do my run today.

Now I’m home there is no excuses, doing dry July and wont miss sessions out of laziness or excuses.

But then I will still monitor how it is impacting my body.

Therefore, I will be going to physio twice a week and will do all my rehab daily.

Am so thrilled about the new phase!

Excited about the Olympic triathlon this week!

I haven’t been using the new website TBH, I find it easier with google drive and this way.

As well as I have said to myself all training must be done by  midday. Think that’s all really for now?



15th June 2017

In the meantime, I am enjoying my recovery week a lot. It was definitely a high reaching 90 km on the bike last week.

I’ve had a couple of nasty crashes which I have learned from and now I know not to drink on a descent and use my back break more heavily.

As a result, I am getting a little bored of my surroundings but I do only have 2 weeks to go. 

Then I will be in a new environment which will be refreshing.

 I enjoyed my first triathlon and I learned a lot.

Excited for my 8 weeks at home, I know I have to get everything right during this time.

No slacking off on the food or drink!

8th May 2017

Week 7. (now in week 8) –  Negative Thoughts- the devil that won’t leave me alone and I can live with that

These days, I have had an awesome training week that involved getting out  on the Bike with a friend and my first ever ocean swim.

I drank a lot of salt water.

However, the part that I have really come to live with is that almost everyday I will have a negative thought of some sort about the race.

You can’t do it, you’re too tired, you wont be fit in time, that hills too steep.

 I have now learned that these thoughts are always going to happen its how I deal with them that counts.

Therefore, I go to bed early often and I know I get my 8 hours.

So getting up early isn’t going to effect my function throughout the day.

Due to these, I kept reminding myself and read about others who have done an Ironman in similar circumstances.

One reason behind this, is that it reinforces my belief that I can do it.

I don’t have time to train

The “i Don’t have time to train” – of course I do- I used to travel forever to get to training and back for rugby.

There is plenty of time in my day now.

First of all, I get affirmation from my coach that what I am doing is sufficient and my goal is realistic.

So negative thoughts- you can come into my head- but rest assured I will crush you with all my positive ones.

Secondly, the other thing I have learned this week is knowing when not to train because it will be better for me.

This is really hard sometime but on Saturday the pollution was disgusting.

Due to this, I had to make a sensible decision not to train in it.

It wasn’t easy but I knew that was right for me.

On to the next week! Looking forward to the three hour bike!

17th April 2017

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Hasn’t been easy doing all the training by myself.

Might need to look for a training buddy for some of my sessions.

Happy that I have had a really strong two weeks that finished off with my first race.

Having the race was a breath of fresh air- I ran somewhere different, was surrounded by others with similar goals and it put my on a real high.

Its important to have small goals to help make the big goal achievable!

Onto a download week now and I am looking forward to being mentally refreshed.

Big things come one step at a time.

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