So you have decided you want to work out in the morning, great let’s increase the chance of that happening with three quick tips.

Three tips to make morning workouts, work out.

  1. Set your alarm(s). If you are getting up a lot earlier, go to bed earlier and eat earlier the night before, if you go to the loo in the night, smash a pint of water as that will wake you earlier than usual as you need to pass the extra fluid.
  2. Get your work out clothes ready the night before and put them in your path to the bathroom – which you will no doubt go to when you wake up – the reminder will very helpful in your tired state.
  3. Aim to start. 1 rep, 1 minute, 1 exercise. Step onto the treadmill and turn it on before running the marathon.

And one more…

  1. Aim for consistency over perfection. A rubbish training session is better than no training session. Build the habit of turning up, I call these ‘buzz workouts’ workouts with no great plan other than to do things that make me feel good… ‘oh the deep burn’ (check out anchorman).

More next time, enjoy getting started.


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