I have hurt my back, I feel like watching crap tv and binging on chocolate…but I know that does not fit with other aspirations of mine so I need a plan to follow. I share an impactful 3 step plan in todays short episode.

In this short episode I share what I do when i am feeling crap and how to move through a funk.

In the episode I invite you to join a group coaching session for free (normally 250HKD per month) – to take me up on this offer email me at chris@habitual.hk.

Be well, and if you can’t, be proactive.



Chris is the Founder and CEO of Habitual, a health coaching company working with private clients, schools and organisations to develop habits for lasting health. Chris is a former teacher and international sports coach, qualified in sports science, education and psychology. An iron man, ultra spartan athlete, deadlifting record holder, author of the (soon to be published) “When Life Happens” and a public speaker.

Move More and Feel Better with Friends this August.

Full body coached work outs, Yoga and Dance with Habitual FUN.

Socially distanced yet together with FRIENDS.

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