In this episode I chat with Mithilesh Chudgar Founder and Chief Performance Coach at the Centre for Excellence in Performance. 

Improving Performance is the only key to improved Results, and Mithilesh is known as a “stimulant for Improving Performance”. His specialisation is to blend the knowledge from the Yogic Philosophy and Indian ancient wisdom with Cognitive Psychology, Nlp and other sciences so that this knowledge becomes practically applicable. 

We explore a wealth of topics in this online conversation including:

  • Ancient wisdom and neuroscience
  • Performance = Competency – interference
  • Mental states to perform
  • Growth Mindset
  • Simple Solutions
  • Execution and good enough.

If you would like to connect to Mithlesh you can find him at the Habitual Facebook Community –

Or his own profile

At times (it may just be me) Mithlesh is animated and speaks rather quickly, please be patient as he generally will explain his points in a number of ways so you will pick up a lot more of the conversation than you may first believe…

Enjoy this conversation.

Be well, and if you can’t, be proactive.



Chris is the Founder and CEO of Habitual, a health coaching company working with private clients, schools and organisations to develop habits for lasting health. Chris is a former teacher and international sports coach, qualified in sports science, education and psychology. An iron man, ultra spartan athlete, deadlifting record holder, author of the (soon to be published) “When Life Happens” and a public speaker.

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