In this episode I interview Tom Walsh of anatomygaps ( and IG: anatomygaps) A strength and conditioning coach specialising in Speed.

We cover a range of topics from giving up on goals, genetics, comparison and a wonderful quote which sets the scene…

“When the fisherman can’t go out to fish, hey repair their nets”

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Be well



Chris is the Founder and CEO of Habitual, a health coaching company working with private clients, schools and organisations to develop habits for lasting health. Chris is a former teacher and international sports coach, qualified in sports science, education and psychology. An iron man, ultra spartan athlete, deadlifting record holder, author of the (soon to be published) “When Life Happens” and a public speaker.

Move More and Feel Better with Friends this August.

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Socially distanced yet together with FRIENDS.

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