In this episode I interview Kate Sweatman, Current British Equipped Champion in the 84+kg category (or super heavyweight if that’s easier), wife, and mum of a 5yo young man. Former computing professional turned homemaker and now swim teacher.

Kate has had many battles with mental health and we touch upon this in this episode but spend more time FOCUSing on how of late has felt more in control and able to address root causes of things in her control.

We explore anxieties around being accepted by people, projecting negative and intrusive thoughts, we talk about recent experiences of openly sharing and the feedback so far

Kate is a bigger person helping other big people to see their worth.

Kate is extremely passionate about health at every size.

We discus how the “health” industry is often very biased and even unaccessible to larger people. How the diet industry is potentially dangerous and harder on people mentally.

We explore the emphasis on weight loss and a never ending pursuit of thinness, against healing your relationship with movement, food, and addressing mental health.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Be well



Chris is the Founder and CEO of Habitual, a health coaching company working with private clients, schools and organisations to develop habits for lasting health. Chris is a former teacher and international sports coach, qualified in sports science, education and psychology. An iron man, ultra spartan athlete, deadlifting record holder, author of the (soon to be published) “When Life Happens” and a public speaker.

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