Why Habitual

Built upon our four pillars of FOOD, FUN, FOCUS & FRIENDS we support you to thrive. Our team of expert coaches work around your existing schedule, limiting beliefs and concerns to create a network of healthy habits, accountability and lasting improvements to your health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Habitual supports long-lasting sustainable health change backed by science, evidenced by results and supported by clients. Quite simply we change lives.

Coaches Stories


Director of FUN, designing fitness programs to take health and fitness to the next level. Mum of two, Gaelic and fitness athlete.

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Director of FOOD, supporting weight management through the development of a habit based lifestyle. International rugby player and  performnace coach.

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Director of FOCUS, simplifying health and wellbeing through mental tools and tactics. Soon to be Dad, endurance athlete and Founder of Habitual

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Client Stories

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Habitual Story

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“I know what to do but…” was the popular phrase in the staff room. After hearing this, again and again,  thoughts of making health change that lasts sparked what became Habitual.  launched in 2015 alongside completing a masters in Psychology, Habitual coaching programs were born.

Based on the application of knowledge, incremental progression and evidenced backed science Habitual works around the ‘but’ in helping busy people get from knowledge to results.

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