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Welcome to Habitual This guide will help you navigate through the training APP, and to learn everything there is to know on how to get the most from your Online Fitness experience.

Let me reassure you, at any point, you can chat to a real person, Melissa and any of the Habitual Coaching Team are on hand to make sure you thrive

Let’s Get Started!

After joining our program you will receive an email requesting you create an account with Trainerize (This is the platform we use to support your progress).

Once you have created an account, you can follow the guided steps to Create a Profile, Complete the Consultation Form, and Fill in any Waivers/Consent Forms.

Within 24hrs of creating a profile, you will receive a notification when your Kickstarter Training Program is uploaded and ready to go.

You can watch this quick “How To” Video to navigate your new Habitual App. Or follow along below with my “step-by-step” instructions manual.

Your Home Page:

At your Dashboard, you can find statistics regarding completed workouts, body stats, personal bests, and nutritional stats (if you connect the Habitual App with MyFitnessPal).

You can also message me at anytime by clicking on the floating picture on the Bottom-Left hand of your screen.

As well, you can schedule and track any of your workouts, cardio, body stats, progress photos, or meals by clicking on the “+” icon on the Bottom-Right hand corner of your screen.

Training Program:

To navigate to your current training program, you can select the “Plans Tab” at the Top-Middle of your screen.

Your current Training Program should be listed at the top along with the dates this program will be active.

Make sure to read the notes I have written with important information regarding the program and potential weekly schedule.

After reading the notes, you can scroll down to access all workout sessions included within your current plan.

To open a session, click on any session and you will be able to view the exercises, reps, sets, weights and video demos for each exercise.

You can also Track that Workout by clicking “Start Now” if you are ready to begin tracking.

Your Calendar:

Daily workouts are loaded into your Kickstarter Calendar already!

This provides you with a different workout every day of the week.

I do understand that you may just be starting out or sometimes life can get busy and change suddenly, so there may be times where you will need or want to schedule your own workouts/change the weekly schedule.

With the interactive calendar, it is easy to move workouts or delete/add any activity in your calendar.

If you would like to pre-schedule Workouts, Cardio, Body Stats, Progress Photos, or Meal Stats into your calendar, you can go directly to your Calendar by going to the “Calendar Tab” on the Upper-Right hand corner of your screen.

This tab will bring up your Calendar where you can then choose any day of the week/month, click that day, and the options screen (Left-hand Picture) will appear with the scheduling options.

If you are scheduling one of the pre-programmed workouts, you simply have to click on workout and a drop down menu will come up with a list of your current workouts in your program.

If you would like to schedule in some added cardio (walking, running, etc), click cardio and choose from the drop down menu.

Tracking Your Workout:

Tracking your workout is important.

It helps me keep up to date with how you are doing in each session, helps you plan your progressions week to week accordingly.

It also gives you a place to keep valuable notes to both me and yourself regarding how long the session took, how you felt during and after the session, if you had any issues at all during any of the exercises,etc.

You can Check-In and Track your workouts at any time, although I recommend doing it in real time during your rest times between sets.

Scheduling your workout

As explained above, you have scheduled your workout for today.

You can now access this workout by going to your “Calendar Tab” and opening up today session.

Or if you have not scheduled a session for today, you can open up your Training Program by opening up the “Plans Tab”, clicking the workout you want to track, and clicking “Start Now”.

Either way, once you have opened up the session you plan on tracking, you then have the option to “Check-In” or “Track”. Click “Track” .

 Then, you can  begin to fill in all relevant information regarding how many reps you performed in each set and what weight you used for each set (if applicable).

If this is your 2nd+ time tracking this session, you will also see what reps/weights you used the last time you performed the exercise to help you continue to progress if possible by increasing weight.

You can also use the Timer during your workout by clicking on the “Stopwatch” Icon in the Bottom-Right hand corner.

A timer will appear in the Top of your screen as well as a “Settings Wheel” to customize your timer settings.

As well, you can add any notes that you would like to track by clicking on the “Notepad” icon at the Top-Right hand corner of your screen.

Click “End” when finished tracking your session in the Top-Right hand corner of the screen.

Profile Settings:

You can access your profile, messaging centre, and settings at any time by clicking on the 3 blue lines at the Top-Left hand corner of your screen.

Under My Account, you can connect other APPS and Devices to your Habitual App such as FitBit, MyFitnessPal, Facebook, etc.

You can also adjust Settings and Notifications, Watch the Getting Started Video, and change personal information on your Profile.

I hope this How To Guide has helped you familiarize yourself more with the Habitual APP.

Of course, you can message me at anytime if you have any issues at all or email me at melissa@habitual.hk. 

I’m looking forward to being part of you reaching your goals!

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Why Habitual?

Habitual has been created to help you achieve personal health goals without turning your life upside down. We don’t offer short-term quick fixes, as they simply do not work, instead, we deal with long-lasting Habit development building upon existing schedules and routines.

Habitual offers affordable individual support in getting your health back on track through #FOOD (nutritional habits), #FUN (exercise programming), #FOCUS (mental skills, grit, sports psych, lifestyle and organisation coaching) and now #FRIENDS (Positive social support and live events).

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Chris, Mel & Tanya

Your Habitual Coaching Team

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