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Evidenced based health, fitness and wellbeing coaching, providing you with the knowledge skills and support to reach your potential.

Program Details

per month
Free regular community events
Access to client support group
Lifetime Habitual membership
Contact your coach
Coaching Consults Optional add on
Habit awareness and development (FOOD, FUN, FOCUS)
Self assessment tools
Progress Tracking
Habitual App
Training Plans  
Exercise explainer videos
Movement assessment  

Fully Bespoke Training


Assigned coach dependent on needs.  

What We Do


Exercise programs built around what you enjoy, your free time and the facilities available to you.


Nutrition and habit development working towards long lasting body transformations.


One on one mental skills coaching to develop, happiness, health, wellbeing and belief in yourself and in friends.


Running regular open events allowing our FRIENDS to try out new activities and meet like-minded people.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • It's a great supportive program that will allow you to make significant progress in your health while maintaining the aspects of your lifestyle that you enjoy.

    CatherineClient - #002

  • I had lost over 30% of my total body weight! I don’t want to be known for weight loss (my body is my business), but I do want others to know that Chris’ combination of #FOOD, #FUN, and #FOCUS can improve their life all round (physically, emotionally, and mentally). 

    LINDAClient - #004

  • The exercise routines were achievable and I never once felt like I was 'starving' myself. 

    KateClient - #00

  • Appreciate how the coach always replies and shares his thoughts to try to make it 1% better every time. The chat we have is really helpful.

    RachaelClient - #017

  • He’s really awesome and patience with me, he's always there for me to help and support me

    RowenaClient - #023

  • The program helps keep decisions in the front of my mind, recognising you can't be perfect all the time. 

    MartinClient -  #013

  • The program helps me building habits gradually so it's not too scary and teaching a little bit every day. 

    Marianne Client - #033

  • The program is  structured well , it's very easy to follow . Makes the journey interesting by keeping it personal. 

    DivyaClient #029

  • Melissa is not physically next to me while I am doing the sessions, although it feels like she actually is. She is very responsive and always reply in a clear manner that you “get it” immediately. The application is very easy to use and everything is well explained.


Habitual Tips and Updates

  • Friends #3

    Photos from our "Boot Camp and Picnic" in Tamar park.

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  • Welcome Tanya

    Tanya joins Habitual from an established coaching background in nutrition and fitness and I am so excited to have her support. Her superpower (according to me) is her ability to cut through "Bullshit" and get to the root of a problem. Her no-nonsense approach has resulted in

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  • Surviving the Desk

    Since making the transition from a full-time coach at the gym to a more desk oriented online coaching job, I have found that I am spending more time than ever at the desk. Knowing what years of being desk-bound has done for posture and mobility for the majority of my clients, I started to think of what tips/desk-stretches/body awareness cues I could provide for myself as well as my clients.

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