Two weeks to EAT better and feel great.

  • Develop the habit of eating for a lifestyle not a diet.
  • Learn AND apply the skills and tools needed to support you to eat better.
  • Manage lifestyle and body composition by taking control of what you eat.
  • Develop accountability with personal support from an Habitual coach
  • 100% money back guarantee if no improvement in your eating habits from this course.

Eat is the summary of years of work on FOOD – it is not a magic feather but it will work with you to overcome barriers and plan for a lifestyle in which you can enjoy food and be healthy.

The course launches on Saturday 18th July 2020 with an interactive workshop.

As part of EAT …

  • Participate in alive workshop and Q&A with CEO and Founder of Habitual Chris Garvey 300 HKD
  • Two weeks of actionable content to practice straight away. 250 HKD
  • Two weeks of guided reflections and coaching via our LIFE platform.
  • Private chat group linking directly to the group and coach. 250 HKD
  • Knowledge made simple.
  • Group support and accountability.

This would normally cost you 1800HKD 

As an introductory offer, all this is yours for 300HKD

A saving of up to 1500 HKD.

BONUS Content

  • 5 principles for life long food health Video
  • 70% 1-on-1 Coaching session, typically 1000HKD
    • Feel empowered and motivated.
    • Clarify your personal action plan.

From this course expect…

  • Improved FOOD habits or your fee back.
  • A FOOD plan that is specific to you.
  • A clear idea of what next and how to do that..
  • Feel better.

Day by day Breakdown

Pre Course Workshop – life as a whole and where can the biggest wins come from?

Day 1: FOOD – A lifestyle, not a diet.

Day 2: CIA of Life

Day 3: Eat Slowly

Day 4: Eating to 80% full:

Day 5: Continuum of Choice

Day 6: Lifestyle Concepts Reviewed

Day 8: Perfection vs Good Enough / All or Nothing Thinking

Day 9: Healthy, Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

Day 10: Planning and Organisation

Day 11: Control your Home

Day 12: Being hungry is not an emergency

Day 13: Lifestyle Concepts Reviewed

Day 14: Regather, regroup and plan ahead for the week to come.

Each lesson will require 5-10 minutes of your time – compare that to the time you will gain by feeling more refreshed each day.

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