Fun Having ‘Fun’ and getting fit. #ThreePointThursday #No16.

After the first stage of the lifestyle Kickstarter program client #002 has lost 19% body fat and maintained muscle mass, I share the not so secret plan behind it and reveal having fun is key!  

#1 Move,  “Let him that would move the world first move himself” Socrates. 

Client #002 over 13 weeks built up her movement from 15 minutes three times a week in a local park before work to now hiking twice a week and gym sessions three times a week. When people ask ‘what is the best work out’ the only response is ‘the one you will do’. What do you enjoy, is it walking, boxing, skipping, HIIT? What ever it is go out and do it. Two great apps for ideas are Sworkit & 7 minute work out, both available on the app store and google play.


#2 Measure, “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so” Galileo. 

Starting with just counting the number of ‘Fun’ sessions completed in a week e.g. each 15 minute body weight work out and every 20 minute walk client #002 could easily reach goals of two in a week. Now targets are up to 5 considerably longer sessions and very recently this includes weight training where numbers are even easier to track with weights reps and sets (how much and how often).

#3 Plan “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way” Henry David Thoreau. 

Being specific and stating the “when” and “how” sessions will be completed were important in setting sustainable habits. Client #002 was encouraged to plan the coming week and state when sessions would be carried out whilst regularly planning extra sessions knowing that some weeks things happen and missing a session is not an issue we can simply take up one of the others.

 Whilst having Fun was important throughout the process next week I look at ‘Food’ as you can not out train a poor diet. 

 Client #002 has worked to change a period of bad habits and has shown really pleasing results. Throughout there were slip ups and doubts but overall commiting to a long term plan knowing there are no quick fixes is powerful and rewarding.

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