#Friends #1

All the photos from our first #FRIENDS event in association with Plastic Free seas and Em Pilates. Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this a wonderful event.

If you want to join us for our next FRIENDS event, sign up on our Facebook Group – and join us dancing with the stars!


Why Habitual?

Habitual has been created to help you achieve personal health goals without turning your life upside down. We don’t offer short-term quick fixes, as they simply do not work, instead, we deal with long-lasting Habit development building upon existing schedules and routines.

Habitual offers affordable individual support in getting your health back on track through #FOOD (nutritional habits), #FUN (exercise programming), #FOCUS (mental skills, grit, sports psych, lifestyle and organisation coaching) and now #FRIENDS (Positive social support and live events)

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