More than a “diet” #FOOD will change your whole approach to food, health and mental wellbeing, making this the last program you will ever need.

What you eat and how you eat is a process built upon years of knowledge, action and habits, it won’t change overnight and no “bikini body diet” or “shred fast program” will give you the long lasting changes you are after.  #FOOD is a refreshing change to the nutrition industry, in this program you will be actively engaged in developing knowledge skills and tools to eat well for life. 

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So you’ve gotten this far, I urge you to simply watch the videos and get an idea of how health and nutrition coaching can work for you, I’ll see you after the video to let you know the what next.

No more crash diets and no more rebounding as you develop a sustainable approach to life-long development. Build habits that will stick with you and deal with the baggage that you may have been clinging onto. Throughout the program, you will be supported by Chris who will get to know you and support your progress through offering a non-judgemental, unconditional regard for you as a person and your progress.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • It's a great supportive program that will allow you to make significant progress in your health while maintaining the aspects of your lifestyle that you enjoy.

    CatherineClient - #002

  • I had lost over 30% of my total body weight! I don’t want to be known for weight loss (my body is my business), but I do want others to know that Chris’ combination of #FOOD, #FUN, and #FOCUS can improve their life all round (physically, emotionally, and mentally). 

    LINDAClient - #004

  • The exercise routines were achievable and I never once felt like I was 'starving' myself. 

    KateClient - #00

  • Appreciate how the coach always replies and shares his thoughts to try to make it 1% better every time. The chat we have is really helpful.

    RachaelClient - #017

  • He’s really awesome and patience with me, he's always there for me to help and support me

    RowenaClient - #023

  • The program helps keep decisions in the front of my mind, recognising you can't be perfect all the time. 

    MartinClient -  #013

  • The program helps me building habits gradually so it's not too scary and teaching a little bit every day. 

    Marianne Client - #033

  • The program is  structured well , it's very easy to follow . Makes the journey interesting by keeping it personal. 

    DivyaClient #029


Habitual Tips and Updates

  • Excuses or Results?

    “You can either have results or excuses, not both”

    Have you ever stopped to think about the “why” of what makes you always have an excuse for not doing something? As human beings, we tend to only ever do as much as is absolutely needed.  Of course, this is not everyone, but for the majority of us I’m sure you can think of multiple times in a week where you find yourself making an excuse for not doing something. Call this innate trait what you wish: laziness, efficiency, lack of motivation, etc. Bottom line..

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  • The future, principles, basics.

    When I am training for a race I like to create 'simplicity'.
    Yes having a plan is essential so I that I know what to do but more important are the principles I set.
    Principles, or basic beliefs are the foundation of change, easier to act upon and supports progress in spite of life.
    Life, like a HK brunch can be overwhelming and if I try to consume everything I am setting myself up for a rough time, principles are the standards I hold myself to. During training for compettions my principles are...
  • Friends #3

    Photos from our "Boot Camp and Picnic" in Tamar park.

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