There are no fixed rules when it comes to nutrition. The only FOOD ‘path’ to follow is the one that works out best for you and your health.

Q. But how can we find this path?

A. Following food principles.


FOOD Principles:

  1. Slow down and notice the impacts of what you eat. Start to notice what happens after eating certain foods/following certain meal plans. How is your digestion? How are your guts? How is your waistline line? How is your skin or mouth?
  2. Aim for 80% full. How quickly do you finish a meal? How do you feel straight away after eating? How do you feel 20 minutes later?
  3. Reflect, reduce and replace before you revolutionise. Make small adjustments to your diet and reflect on the impact before you scrap everything and try something new.


  1. Take action. Create 5-10 options of things you could do (e.g. time 20 mins for a meal, chew each mouthful 20 times, put the knife and fork down between bites…). From your list pick the one you are 90% confident about completing and do it for the week… reflect and go again.

Today’s Question: What principles do you apply to your FOOD?

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