Three tips for eating better than last week:In Food Prep (Part 1) we kept things super simple, aiming for one meal made in advance with ready to go/minimal effort snacks.

This week we take one small step forward and talk about scheduling.

Three tips to level up food prep.

  1. look at your schedule, are you going to be somewhere with a microwave? Will you get a chance to use the microwave? Are you having to eat and run? Decide if your ‘prepped’ meal need be a cold one or one that can be heated.
  1. look at your travel, are you able to transport your food? Is the commute short enough? Is there a fridge at the end? Do you need to buy a small cool bag?
  1. How far ahead can you manage? If you can only see to Tuesday, that’s a great start. Thats two days better than before.

And a bonus point….

  1. For cold meals have all your pre prepped ingredients ready to go. Throw a mixed salad in a pot with a few nuts and the green leaves on top. Keep the dressing in a small pot to save the salad going soggy. (For the hot meals we spoke of batch cooking and freezing).

We will be back soon with more FOOD prep ideas. Drop us a comment below if there is anything you would like us to cover.


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