Three tips for eating better than last week:

Food Prep is often well argued, all I have to say on this is…whether you are looking for an excuse or an answer, I am confident you will find one.

If you do want to eat a little better, having some plan and some “better” food to go to will help immensely…

Three tips to start with food prep.

  1. Buy ready to go fresh food such as mini carrots, fruit and nuts for snacks. To level up go for minimal processing food such as asparagus, sprouts that can be cooked in the microwave quickly or another veg that just needs washing and chopping such as peppers or cucumber.
  2. Get some Tupperware. Various sizes to store your prepped food in the fridge or to take to school or work.
  3. Batch cook. When you cook a meal, double the ingredients and freeze the extra or pot up for another time.

And a bonus point….

  1. Start small, plan for one meal+. See anything else as a bonus. Next week can you stretch it to two meals if you wish. Building up slowly highlights progression over all or nothing.

We will be back soon with more FOOD tips. Drop us a comment below if there is anything you would like us to cover.


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