Recommended Health Coaches

All our coaches are experts in their field working with a diverse range of clients.
The coaches below use the Habitual Platform,  amongst other methods to support their clients. 
Read their bio’s and lean in to the words that resonate with you.
Coach-Client relationship is just as important as the process.

Senior Coach Tanya

Senior Coach Tanya, co-author of the LIFE program, is a certified fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach and holds a BSc in Kinesiology and a Certificate in Athletic Therapy. 

Clients who desire a balanced lifestyle they can be both proud of and in control of will benefit from working with Tanya through the practice of long term FOOD habits and behaviors. To help support this growth, Tanya believes an ongoing dialogue, (via fortnightly consults), is important, to discuss what’s working and what’s not and to give an element of accountability that is often missed when working solely online. 

Having always led an active lifestyle, it wasn’t until sport was taken away, she realised the importance nutrition played in maintaining a desired body composition. Now discovering a new lifestyle without competitive sport, she strives to support others in adapting their nutrition to their present lifestyles. 

Coach Cavan
English and Cantonese

Founder of Goalcraft (a Personal Training & Corporate Leadership Training Firm) and a high performance lifestyle specialist with the strong interest in blending body & mind trainings, vision & goal facilitation/coaching with leadership development journey. 

Cavan encourages clients to always strive for the adequate balance of Motivation, Rewards and Fun to create sustainable training goals for whomever he serves. With t he Process “Learn, Reflect, Evolve and Re-align” one’s career & personal life based on one’s core value realization is one of our lives’ most important journey.

His Passion is in Triathlon and Long Distance Running alongside Body Training: Corrective Exercises Training (especially for office professionals), Movement, Nutrition Optimisation, Weight Loss, Endurance Sport training Mind Training: Positivity Development towards Resourcefulness & Resilience, In Distractibility, Stress Management Vision & Life Coaching.

Coach Vincent
English and French

Founder of Tiger Health. Helping men to help themselves to “Look and Feel” better. Specialising in nutrition coaching, weight loss, strength training, sleep and recovery.

Clients who will benefit: Men who are ready, willing and able to make improvements step by step, Not a flat out sprint more a long-distance jog.

Interesting fact: Cycling to work (22km – with 500m of climb) most days for ten years I travelled more than 40,000Km – circum-navigating the earth once and climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest 83 times. (so funny)

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