#ClientWatch #10 community

Welcome to this months Client watch, I’m going to say very little and let the pictures speak…

So far, more action from Habitual clients and community as we check out Spartan racing, DXA progress, meal consistency and a gong bath…

Yes, gong bath.

To our clients who continued their efforts, progress, and struggles, well done!

Also, remember that big things come from small habits.

#FRIENDS – community events

Our next free group work out will be on May 12th in Tamar park followed by a picnic.

Let us know you are coming on our event page… 


Why Habitual?

Habitual has been created to help you achieve personal health goals without turning your life upside down.

We don’t offer short-term quick fixes, as they simply do not work.

Instead, we deal with long-lasting Habit development building upon existing schedules and routines.

Habitual offers affordable individual support in getting your health back on track through;

#FOOD (nutritional habits), #FUN (exercise programming), #FOCUS (mental skills, grit, sports psych, lifestyle and organisation coaching).

As well as #FRIENDS (Positive social support and live events)

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Your Habitual Coaching Team

Chris & Melissa

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