Rugby Player to Iron Athlete… its getting close.

Olivia “Coady” is soon to take on her most difficult challenge to date.

A Former International and two time League and Grand Championship winning rugby player Olivia understands what hard work and dedication are, but this challenge is pushing her boundaries.

On Sunday 1st October Coady will swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42.2 as she competes in the Taiwan Iron Race, this is her story…

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Stand Up and Move

What comes to mind when you hear someone talking about “burning calories”?

You’re probably thinking about hours on the treadmill, bicep curls and dead lifts.

  Or the dreaded dieting protocols.

Time is now to make a stand and do it!

Stand up and Move!

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Why Online Coaching

First, let’s get it out there, I work in online coaching so of course I will be supportive of what I do and people buying into the service will support my career. Regardless of this obvious bias let me explain why online coaching is a benefit.

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Japan Odyssey – Part 3

Part 2 of my Japanese Odyssey (Link) finished in the dark at the top of a peak with no food or water whilst pushing a broken bike along a road once well used until landslides and mother nature claimed it back. I had resigned myself to it being a long night… until I came across a small hut.

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Client watch #2, Little Things

Summary of post:

  • Since early August, Client #007 lost 21kg, 25% fat mass and increased lower body muscle mass.
  • The numbers are a byproduct of the process.
  • I share what worked for #007

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Client Watch #1, Values, Growth and Change

People are amazing. With so many different experiences, stories, and challenges I am both grateful and privileged to be able to work with and support  a number of special individuals who have chosen to do DoSomethingDifferent with their lives and change the journey they are on.

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Japan Odyssey – Part 2

Part two of three, documenting a 2500km bicycle challenge tackling 11 of Japans tallest peaks, otherwise known as the Japanese Odyssey. If you have not read the first part you can access it here, Japan Odyssey Part 1

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Japan Odyssey – Part 1

On September 17th 2016 I set out on a 2500km bicycle challenge taking in 11 of Japans tallest peaks with over 40km of climbing, otherwise known as the Japanese Odyssey.

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I proudly welcome you to this weeks 20th edition of #ThreePointThursday. Three and Half years ago I wrote my first ever blog “Pre Mid Life Crisis” in which I shared my fear of writing and a plan to do something about it…. enough said, this really is special edition for me.

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