Rugby Player to Iron Athlete… its getting close.

Olivia “Coady” is soon to take on her most difficult challenge to date.

A Former International and two time League and Grand Championship winning rugby player Olivia understands what hard work and dedication are, but this challenge is pushing her boundaries.

On Sunday 1st October Coady will swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42.2 as she competes in the Taiwan Iron Race, this is her story…

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#ClientWatch #10 community

Welcome to this months Client watch, I’m going to say very little and let the pictures speak…

So far, more action from Habitual clients and community as we check out Spartan racing, DXA progress, meal consistency and a gong bath…

Yes, gong bath.

To our clients who continued their efforts, progress, and struggles, well done!

Also, remember that big things come from small habits.

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Stand Up and Move

What comes to mind when you hear someone talking about “burning calories”?

You’re probably thinking about hours on the treadmill, bicep curls and dead lifts.

  Or the dreaded dieting protocols.

Time is now to make a stand and do it!

Stand up and Move!

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