Rugby Player to Iron Athlete… its getting close.

Olivia “Coady” is soon to take on her most difficult challenge to date.

A Former International and two time League and Grand Championship winning rugby player Olivia understands what hard work and dedication are, but this challenge is pushing her boundaries.

On Sunday 1st October Coady will swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42.2 as she competes in the Taiwan Iron Race, this is her story…

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#ClientWatch #10 community

Welcome to this months Client watch, I’m going to say very little and let the pictures speak…

So far, more action from Habitual clients and community as we check out Spartan racing, DXA progress, meal consistency and a gong bath…

Yes, gong bath.

To our clients who continued their efforts, progress, and struggles, well done!

Also, remember that big things come from small habits.

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Pilates with Friends #1

Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control. Graceful carriage follows as a matter of course.” 

-Joseph H. Pilates.

Pilates Enthusiast

We are thankful to everyone who contributed in making this Pilates with friends a wonderful event!

Oppss…. copy that!
Getting that posture right.

Great work out with some awesome view of Hong Kong Island
Finally, these are all the photos from our first #FRIENDS event, in association with Plastic Free seas and Em Pilates.

I am going to say very little and let the pictures speak…

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Dance night event with Friends #2

We are proud to share to you our dance night event with friends.

A full pack fun night dancing tango, salsa, cha cha, etc.

Dance night event with Friends

Our dance night event with friends are truly amazingly fun!

We started our night getting some dance lesson from our friends at

Everyone were keen to show how they groove…

dancing is more fun with #FRIENDS

This event aim not only to boost physical well being but as well as mental.

In addition to physical and mental well being, we would like to furthermore give insight to our client on how our events and program can help them achieved it by having #FUN with # FRIENDS.

Dancing however not just help us become fit, above all it help us boost our mood which has a greater effect on how our mental health improved.

Therefore, dance event not only beneficial to our health it also help us  improved our relationship towards our friends and other people.

Besides, dancing with friends is more fun!

Together with  our team we would like to invite you all to join our events and program.

Thank you! #FRIENDS

To everyone who contributed in making this a wonderful event, Thank You!

These are all the photos from our second #FRIENDS dance night event,

in association with

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Linda’s story #Client Watch #No.7


Linda doesn’t want to be ‘known’ for her weight loss, but I tell you that Linda’s story #client watch #no. 7 is  truly remarkable and inspiring.
However, she has allowed me to share this because she wants others who may otherwise be too discouraged by experience and obesity research to be encouraged to take the first step toward better health so that they can achieve their bigger goals.
In exchange for hearing her story, Linda hopes you will join her in learning about marine values and threats and supporting women’s rugby. 

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Client Watch #8

Habitual clients continue to work on their health goals.

We take a sneak peek at what they are doing behind the scenes and the results that we are finding…

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Client Watch #6

In August 2016, three clients embarked on a lifestyle change through the Habitual Kickstarter course.

#007 had already made significant progress changing the obvious parts to her diet and committing to 8km of walking every day and as a result is now 100lbs lighter…!
linda B&A

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Client Watch #5

Client watch #5

A big shout out to Client #17 Rachael Wong who, alongside her team-mates were crowned the KPMG Women’s Rugby Champions 2017, making it three years in a row.  Rachael is the first Habitual Athlete receiving full nutrition, training and mental skills support. Well done Rachael, now time for the off season and big training!

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Client Watch #4

February saw a barrage of personal bests, firsts and progress in the Habitual camp. Don’t get me wrong there has also been setbacks, progress is never a straight line but the weight of steps forward always out weight the steps back.

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