Linda’s story #ClientWatch #No.7

Linda doesn’t want to be ‘known’ for her weight loss but has allowed me to share this because she wants others who may otherwise be too discouraged by experience and obesity research to be encouraged to take the first step toward better health so that they can achieve their bigger goals.
In exchange for hearing her story, Linda hopes you will join her in learning about marine values and threats and supporting women’s rugby. 

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Rugby Player to Iron Athlete… its getting close.

Olivia “Coady” is soon to take on her most difficult challenge to date. Former International and two time League and Grand Championship winning rugby player Olivia understands what hard work and dedication are but this challenge is pushing her boundaries.

On Sunday 1st October Coady will swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42.2 as she competes in the Taiwan Iron Race, this is her story…

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Book Club – “Man’s Search for Meaning”

“He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any How”  – Victor Frankl

Prisoner 119,104 survived three years in Nazi prison camps during which he lost his wife, his parents and a lifetime’s worth of research.

In “Mans Search for Meaning” Frankl explores what saw him through these dark times when many others simply gave up the will to fight. He admits there was still luck involved, exactly only 1 in 26 prisoners survived, but as we all know sometimes we create our own luck.

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Set Backs

If life was easy, we would all be rich with 6 packs, we would all graduate with top grades and be offered the best jobs with amazing wellbeing programs with personal trainers and so much holiday time we struggle to use it up. But alas, Â life isn’t easy, setbacks are a regular event but what surprises me is how underprepared we are to handle them.

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The Monkey Mind

My monkey mind tells me that I was better off teaching, it tells me I earned a good wage and could provide for Adrienne (my wife) and live a comfortable lifestyle. My monkey mind tells me I don’t need to go to the gym, I’m fit enough, go easy on yourself and grab a coffee and cake, my monkey mind tells me I should check in on facebook more often to see if people have interacted with me and liked my posts, as that always makes me feel popular.

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Rugby Player to Iron Athlete – A Journey

Olivia Coady, for years, has been terrorising her opponents on the rugby pitch. As the captain of Valley RFC, she has juggled full-time teaching with training and fitness and has been rewarded with the Hong Kong League and Cup title for three unbeaten seasons. You would have thought that at the end of the season she may rest and recover ready for next year but instead, Olivia has decided to challenge herself and sign up for the Taiwan Ironman.

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