What happens when someone let’s the door close in your face?

Do you shout out a sarcastic ‘thank you’ and mutter under your breath at how rude ‘x’ is?

Through this we take a stance of unconditional disrespect – anyone who let’s a door close on me (pull out in front of me, forget my name…) has disrespected me.

What if:

  • They are just having a shitty day.
  • They did not see you.
  • You have over reacted.

We are quick to see fault in others when no fault may lie.

We suggest:

  1. Take a moment after the slight, breathe.
  2. Think of all the inocent reasons it may have happened.
  3. Reverse it, be aware of the time you have been in there position.

Aim for ‘Unconditional Regard’. Still expect the best out of people but have empathy if they fail to meet ‘your’ standards.

Today’s Question: Where can you show a little more empathy?

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