About Habitual

In 2016 Habitual was Launched after many staffroom conversations on health. Almost all started with “I know what to do but…” Habitual works around the ‘but’ helping busy people get from knowledge to results.

Unlike many health programs, Habitual is not a quick fix. We work within existing schedules making small incremental improvements building up to long lasting sustainable change. Quite simply we get results. Our practices are evidenced based and measurable meaning we can show progress. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials and hear what our clients have to say.

Habitual offers individual support in getting your health back on track through #FOOD (nutritional habits),#FUN (exercise programming), #FOCUS (mental skills, grit, sports psych, lifestyle and organisation coaching) and #FRIENDS (events, challenges and a social network to meet like-minded people).

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Our Strategy


A fresh approach to food, health and mental wellbeing from finding time for you to developing knowledge skills and tools to eat well for life.

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Move better, move more and get fit. Habitual fitness programs work from where you are at with what you have available.

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One on one coaching to improve your mental approach to life. Develop a growth mindset alongside a little grit and resilience.

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Positive social support encourages the act of 'making better decisions' on a daily basis with added accountability to the community.

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About Chris

Chris the founder of Habitual is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and holds an MSc in Applied Psychology. With a background in teaching and high-performance sport, he get’s the difficulties of maintaining a level of personal health and wellbeing as life goes on. In his last two years of teaching, Chris completed an Ironman alongside coaching International rugby, starting his Masters and maintained a loving relationship with Adrienne his wife.

Since starting Habitual Chris has worked closely with all his clients and seen some fantastic changes in body shape and mental wellbeing. Each client’s story is amazing, from dropping 53% body weight, completing a 10km after never previously exercising and moving from rugby to Ironman in less than 6 months! All this has been made possible through Chris’ foundations of feel better, move better, eat better and take action!

Now enough of the awkward talking in the third person… I love what I do, I love getting to know every client and their story and I love seeing progress, progress that most clients never believed they were capable of achieving. Habitual is not a product, it is not a per hour service it’s a whole approach to life, I pride myself in making Habitual the last intervention anyone will ever need. Life is short and Habitual helps you make the most of it by moving better, moving more, eating better, eating more consistently and feeling satisfaction in your life meaning you can be there for those you care about more fully.

This isn’t for everyone but if you are missing something and your health has been slowly getting away from you, I urge you to take action and we are here to support you.

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About Melissa

Melissa is a mother of two children,  a certified personal trainer with certifications in numerous training regiments, qualified teacher and holds a Masters in Science. A vastly experienced coach with over 13 years of working with complete beginners, those coming off of an injury and professional athletes. Melissa has not only supported others to achieve their goals but has actively pursued and achieved as an athlete herself.

[MELISSA] While these certifications and experiences have provided me with a vast amount of education and knowledge, my own life experiences have provided me with the most valuable lessons and the base of which I have molded my training philosophy from. I completely understand what it is like to juggle everything life throws at you whilst maintaining a level of personal health and wellbeing for myself, my husband and our kids. For this reason, I believe in creating realistic and achievable goals and training in a way that is not only sustainable but fun.

I love getting to know every client, really listening to their story and creating a relationship of trust and open communication. No fear of judgment, no feelings of failure, just support, and tools on how you can start to make positive changes in your day to day life as well as the future. I love seeing clients mindset change from “I can’t” to focussing on “I can” and the confidence this brings. I love seeing clients grow stronger and how that strength is reflected in every aspect of their life, from greater energy to play with your kids, to waking up pain-free after years of chronic pain, to better posture at work. 

I truly believe in and practice the principals that Habitual teaches. It is not a product, it is not a per hour service it’s a whole approach to life, and the last intervention anyone will ever need. Life is short and Habitual helps you make the most of it by moving better, moving more, eating better, eating more consistently and feeling satisfaction in your life. 

About Tanya

Tanya is a certified fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coach and holds a BSc in Kinesiology and a Certificate in Athletic Therapy. Having grown up in multiple sporting disciplines, she has always led an active lifestyle but it wasn’t until sport was taken away that she realised the importance nutrition played in maintaining a desired body composition. Now discovering a new lifestyle, with competitive sport taking a back seat, she strives to teach others the importance of adapting their nutrition to their present lifestyles.

[TANYA] Having lived in Hong Kong for over 8 years, I’ve come to recognise the hectic lifestyles many of us lead to the point where many of us often put our careers, families and social lives as top priority and often at the expense of our nutritional health and fitness. My goal is to guide clients to a nutritional lifestyle they can be both proud of and happy with longterm through the practice of new FOOD habits and behaviours. No one person is the same and there will never be one approach that works for everybody. This is why I believe it is so important to have an ongoing dialogue with each client. In doing so, together, we can work through limitations, difficulties, and also share the positives that will inevitably occur with consistent action.

Lifestyle, nutrition and fitness are all intricately related and to be truly successful in health, you need to find a working balance between all three. This is my goal for each individual I work with and the reason why I joined with Team Habitual. Together, we can put the right skills in place for all clients to be successful in mind, body and in life.