10 Books to Inspire Change

Wether you enjoy reading, audio, book summaries or waiting for the movie, a good book has the power to influence and inspire change. The following 10 books have supported me over the years to move forward and often to prevent me slipping back to far.

(1) The Obstacle is the way.

A great book by Ryan Holiday, bringing out the best of Stoic Philosophy. Learning not to fight the set backs and hurdles in the path and instead embrace them for learning opportunities as part of LIFE.

(2) Ego is the enemy

A second book by Ryan Holiday, this time looking at possible the biggest hurdle anyone can face… ourself. This is my go to book when I’m feeling like I can not achieve anything or Imposter syndrome kicks in – a short read gets me over my ego and reminds me I can move forward.

(3) The Chimp Paradox

Professor Steve Peters has followed this wonderful book up with others aimed at parents and children (worth a read also). In this book Peters explains the brain in a real simplistic manner, helping the reader understand why they can be an idiot at times! A great read if you are starting to take an interest in how you interact with the world and why you behave as you do. Note Peters was also the team psychologist for the 2012 Olympic cycling team).

(4) Meditations

Marcus Aurelius commanded the largest Empire known to man, this was his private diary where he shared his thoughts, moans and motivations to keep going. Packed full of short to the point entries which support the reader with stories, tools and perspective to deal with all LIFE can throw at you.

(5) Tao Te Ching

A very ancient text opening the reader up to the philosophy of Taoism. The Tao Te Ching is a very short book featuring ‘thinking material’ to challenge how one sees the world.

(6) Power of Now

Worth a read to introduce the concept of mindfulness and meditation. Eckhart is a little abstract at times but The Power of Now is worth the read purely to understand his concept of time.

(7) 4 Hour Work Week

This was the catalyst for me leaving teaching and setting up my own business. Ignore the title, it is enticing but not really obtainable! Tim Ferriss also has a pod cast I would recommend covering themes from this book on optimisation, time management and performance, which brings me to my next recommendations…

(8) Tribe of Mentors/Tools of Titans

2 books for the price of 1 here – both massive reads but split into very short sections making them easy to read and allows you the reader to cherry pick the sections that stand out for you. The premise is simple – share advice from those at the top of their field from Olympic athletes, Billionaires, Angel investors, Professional poker players, Movie stars and many others – a great read.

(9) Reinvent Yourself

Similar to Tim Ferriss, James Altucher has his own pod cast but comes from a different angle as serial business man, author and now stand up comedian. This book is a collection of interviews from his pod cast and what he has learned.

(10) Harry Potter Series

No book list of mine is complete without Harry Potter. Without Harry I would never have started reading again and never picked up any of the above books. Really it maters not what you read, there is so much to learn from any book. The key is being open to learn, being open to grow and making time for you to do the things you enjoy.

10 Books that inspired change

There You have it, 10 books that have inspired me and continue to do so. I would love to know what books have inspired you – please feel free to share in any of the following channels

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